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Kodansha Comics Gift Guide 2017 Part 2: Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You

Kodansha Comics Gift Guide 2017

Are  you  looking  for  the  perfect  gift  for  your  manga  loving  friends  and  family  this  holiday  season? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect series for someone who’s new to manga? With so many series to choose  from –from  shonen  to  shojo,  from  action-packed  series  to  drama-driven  ones,  from  series  for younger  readers  to  the  experienced fan –it  can  be hard to  choose  just  one  title  in  what  seems  like  an overwhelming sea of stories.

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Tokyo trip: A look at the Sailor Moon exhibit at Roppongi Hills

 Sailor Moon Exhibit_portrait

A special Sailor Moon exhibit opened at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on April 16, running through June 19. If you're luck enough to make it there in time, here's sneak peek of what's to come. And if perhaps understandably you can't make it, here's an exclusive glimpse of what's happening!

Sailor Moonwhich first appeared in Nakayosi magazine from Kodansha in 1992—has been beloved by fans for over two decades. In the recent years, the new anime Sailor Moon Crystals reintroduced the property to both new and old fans alike. 

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Sailor Moon 9 & Fairy Tail 23

Sailor Moon 9

We've got two great new books out this week: Sailor Moon 9 and Fairy Tail 23! This volume of Sailor Moon continues the Dead Moon Circus arc, in which the Amazoness Quartet tempts each of the guardians in turn with dreams of a sweeter life. The guardians will have to resist and find a way to come together to save Mamoru and Tokyo from this new evil!

Speaking of Sailor Moon, if you're a fan and you have a Twitter account... well, first of all you should be following us @KodanshaUSA! But you should also give @osabu8 a follow. He's Naoko Takeuchi's editor in Japan, and he loves getting Tweets in English. (He even posts in English himself from time to time.) Our bosses went to Japan this month and met him for the first time, and he's a fantastic guy.



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Sailor Moon 8’s here, box is on the way!

I'm finally back in the office after three days of being shut up in my apartment. We experienced no damage or power outages, but our thoughts are with all the people here in New York and across the East Coast who were less lucky. The transit system here is still in chaos (the only reason I'm here is that my subway line is one of the only ones back up and running), so if we're a little slow getting back to anyone this week, that's why!

But on to happier topics: Sailor Moon 8 is now available! This incredibly dramatic volume marks the conclusion of the Infinity Arc and the climactic appearance of Sailor Saturn! (Here's my suggested musical accompaniment.) We hope you all enjoy it.

The bo [...]

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