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Battle Angel Alita x The Ghost in the Shell: classic manga in ONE bundle!

Battle Angel Alita and The Ghost in the Shell are some of the best know manga from Kodansha Comics. Maybe you recognize these titles from the the classic anime—or maybe from the hype around the new live-action movies. But maybe it's time to go back to the source? If you haven't got around to checking out the manga until now, consider yourself in luck, cos that means you've got some awesome reads ahead of you! Not only that, for this week only, comiXology is exclusively offering unique digital manga bundles and crazy di [...]

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Upcoming Events: Anime Boston, Anime Matsuri, Sakura-Con, and C2E2!

Time for a good old-fashioned American otaku road trip! In the coming weeks of March and April, Kodansha Comics and Vertical will be criss-crossing the country and could come to an anime/comics convention near you! Check the list of events and activities below to see if we'll see you there ... Can't go? Not close enough? Don't worry! You'll be able to catch what's happening at the shows—and all the new announcements we'll make—right here at KodanshaComics.com! Anime Boston (Boston, MA) March 30-April 1

Vertical Comics Industry Panel Friday, March 30, 4:30-5:30 p.m. in Con [...]

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How to read Battle Angel Alita: a guide to the 3-part epic saga

Now that trailers for the Alita: Battle Angel movie have hit the internet, it's your big chance to tell everyone what Alita is all about, right? But how much do you really know? Of course, as a manga snob, you already know the Alita movie is based on the manga Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro. B-but when your friend asks for more intel, here's the cheat sheet you need to show off your true knowledge. 

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Kodansha Comics Gift Guide 2017 Part 1: Classic Crusaders

Kodansha Comics Gift Guide 2017

Are  you  looking  for  the  perfect  gift  for  your  manga  loving  friends  and  family  this  holiday  season? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect series for someone who’s new to manga? With so many series to choose  from –from  shonen  to  shojo,  from  action-packed  series  to  drama-driven  ones,  from  series  for younger  readers  to  the  experienced fan –it  can  be hard to  choose  just  one  title  in  what  seems  like  an overwhelming sea of stor [...]

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Tomorrow: Kodansha Comics Sampler at Halloween Comic Fest on October 28!

Halloween Comic Fest is a chance to see all the coolest comics coming up this holiday season – all for free. If you’re familiar with Free Comic Book Day, it’s like that, only spookier.

This year, Kodansha Comics is participating for the first time, with a special preview of brand new editions of three of the greatest manga of all time: Akira 35th Anniversary Edition, Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition, and Sailor Moon Eternal Edition! These upcoming premium manga will feature newly revised translations, new lettering, and larger art, and [...]

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Kodansha Comics at New York Comic Con: events, exclusives, free stuff!

No question: Hiro Mashima is the anime/manga headliner at New York Comic Con this year. But celebrating the finale of Fairy Tailone of the great manga epics, isn't all Kodansha Comics is about—we've got a lot else going on too!

Come see us at Booth #2109 at Javits Convention Center in NYC October 5-8, and one of us will give you the NYCC lowdown! But if you want a quick preview and/or you can't be there but are dyin' to know what's happening anyway … here's your cheatsheet:

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More Battle Angel Alita! Volumes 4-6 now on comiXology Originals

The ballyhooed return of iconic science-fiction manga Battle Angel Alita continues with the release of all-new translations of Volumes 4 through 6 today August 23 from Kodansha Comics and comiXology Originals!

Long after being out of print, Yukito Kishiro’s iconic and popular manga series is available again for the first time in nearly a decade, with a stunning new translation of the first 6 volumes now available exclusively as a digital release from Kodansha Comics via comiXology Originals.

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