Are you ready for some … drama? The all-time, long out-of-print shojo manga classic is back! With even more twists and turns then you probably remember, Fyuyumi Soryo’s beautifully illustrated high-school psychodrama turned some young comics readers heads inside-out when it was first released, with hysterical plots revolving around the traumatic secret histories of its seemingly poised protagonists. Art class was never quite like this …

Superpopular motorcycle racer Rei and shy, neurotic art student Kira are worlds apart … until one fateful day brings them together. Rei stumbles upon Kira in the harassing hands of her sleazy art teacher and saves the quiet girl from his clutches. And when the resident school pretty boy plants a kiss on a statue of Mars in the studio, Kira finds herself drawn in and even summons up the nerve to ask him to model for her!

By Fuyumi Soryo

Ages: 16+