Kodansha Ltd.

Founded in 1909, Kodansha Ltd. is Japan’s leading publishing house, based in Tokyo, Japan. Under the leadership of Yoshinobu Noma, company president since 2011, Kodansha Ltd. continues to play a dominant role in media, producing books and magazines in a wide variety of genres including literature, fiction, nonfiction, children’s, business, lifestyle, art, manga, fashion, and journalism. Recently, Kodansha Ltd. has focused on creating and developing a wide range of digital-contents businesses. Company profile can be viewed here.

Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Comics is the English-language manga-publishing imprint of Kodansha USA Publishing, which was established in New York City in 2008, with the publications of two of the most groundbreaking manga of all time: Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira and Shirow Masamune’s The Ghost in the Shell. Other major manga hits published by Kodansha Comics include Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, and Fairy Tail.

FAQ — general

• Media inquiries, including requests for digital review copies, should be directed to pr@nullkodanshacomics.com. Sign up for our press list here.

• We also provide advance reading copies to booksellers, reviewers, librarians, and educators via NetGalley.

• We are currently not accepting submissions or solicitations to publish previously unpublished work. Because Kodansha Comics almost entirely publishes works previously published in Japan, we cannot respond to queries to have your original work published. Please don’t take our inability to respond as a lack of encouragement, though.

FAQ — digital publishing

Problem with a digital purchase?
Customer service queries regarding digital purchases of our ebooks or from our apps should be directed to hello@nullkodanshacomics.com.

Why’s Kodansha Comics putting out so many digital-first titles?
There’s an ocean of manga out there (or in Japan, anyway). Digital publishing offers us a way to release official English translations of many titles that we not otherwise. It’s a way for us to offer a more diverse and robust library of manga through official channels and see what you like. So definitely let us know what’s grabbing you—or not, as the case may be. More about our “digital-firsts” here.

How do I buy digital manga?
You can buy our digital manga as ebooks from most major digital book and comics platforms, namely: BookWalker, comiXology, Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook.

How do I read digital manga?
We think the best digital reading experience is on a tablet, using the app of the digital platform you prefer. And most platforms offer the option of reading your purchases through a web browser or smartphone app.

Can I read any Kodansha Comics on an all-you-can-eat subscription service?
Right now you can read plenty of Kodansha Comics titles on Crunchyroll Manga (simulpubs only) and comiXology Unlimited (simulpubs, selected graphic novels). More about our simulpubs here.

Will digital-first tiles ever be available in print?
Yes! Several titles that started out as “digital-first” have already gone on to be released as print editions. There will be more to come!

Other questions? Email us at hello@nullkodanshacomics.com! While we do our best to try and provide a human reply to every message we receive, please allow us sufficient time to respond, since we do receive a large volume of inquiries.