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Announcing: June digital-first debuts!

Continuing to launch at least one new “digital-first”manga series every week—we kick off 4 new manga series in June, with a diverse offering for the month, including a new girls’ fantasy series by best-selling shojo mangaka Ema Toyama (Missions of Love, Aoba-kun’s Confessions), a sophisticated timeslip romance, an earnest boys’ junior high-school karate manga, and an outrageous “private tutor” comedy. Kodansha Comics’s digital-first manga releases are part of an exciting new initiative begun last year to put a greater diversity of manga series into the market. Starting with Chika’s Those Summer Days on June 5, this month’s series debuts will be available at all of Kodansha Comics’s partner digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, BookWalker, [...]

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MISSION: Watch the “Lost Episodes” on Attack on Titan Special Editions

Summer’s just around the corner, which means we’re gearing up for Season 3 of everyone’s fan-favorite series, Attack on Titan! But while you’re waiting for Season 3, did you know that there’s a few episodes of Attack on Titan you probably haven’t seen yet? That’s right! While you’re waiting for Season 3, make sure you don’t miss catching up on these special, OAD “lost episodes” of Attack on Titan—available ONLY in the limited editions of volumes 17, 18, 19, and 20 of the manga!Read More »

New Hiro Mashima manga Eden’s Zero debuts worldwide June 26!

There will only be one first time!

Eleven months after the finale of Fairy Tail, the new work from Hiro Mashima begins at last!

A new chapter, a great adventure beyond imagination ... 

The worldwide-anticipated release starting from Chapter 1 will be available simultaneously in five languages:

Chinese, English, French, Korean, Thai

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Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure 2 Twitter Contest

Do you think you have what it takes to stand against the Titans as part of the Survey Corps? We’re giving you (and a few hundred of your peers online) a chance to find out with a week of Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure 2: The Hunt for the Female Titan! To celebrate the release of this second Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure book, every day this week, starting today May 21 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, we’ll be simulating the scenarios in the book with a community event on Twitter. All you have to do is follow < [...]

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Fantasy manga sale: Volume 1s 99¢ + additional digital volumes up to 50% off

Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Land of the Lustrous ... We here at Kodansha Comics think of ourselves as having one of the most diverse manga catalogs around, but if there’s a few genres we specialize in … well, one would think (besides science-fiction which we featured last week), fantasy is one of ’em!  Sooooo for this week only, we're hosting a Fantasy Digital Manga Sale at all of our digital retail partners: Read More »