Our complete simulpubs guide

~ The Kodansha Comics Complete Simulpubs Guide ~

What’s a simulpub? Besides graphic novels (collections of chapters), we also release our manga in English as single chapters—the same day they’re published in Japan! It’s a great way to get ahead of the story and stay current with Japanese fans and fans the world over!

How to read ’em? 

Streaming on Crunchyroll Manga (requires Crunchyroll premium subscription) or comiXology Unlimited (requires comiXology Unlimited subscription).

Purchase + download on comiXology or Kindle, where they’re priced affordably at around $1-$2 a chapter. 

Are these authorized Kodansha Comics translations? Yup, the versions you read on Crunchyroll Manga or comiXology Unlimited are produced and published by Kodansha Comics so they’re the same as the ones you’d buy on Kindle or comiXology. Since the simulpubs are produced rapidly, a bit of editing goes into them before they’re collected for our graphic-novel editions.

What’s simulpubbin’ and how often? Most manga have new chapters come out once a week or once a month. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the simulpubs we currently produce:

~ New chapters every week ~
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Latest volume 17 (chapters 156-165) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 166-195
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 166-194

Latest volume 8 (chapters 62-70) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 71-97
hapters now on comiXology Unlimited 71-97

Latest volume 26 (chapters 207-213) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 214-267
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 214-260

Latest volume 31 (chapters 287-295) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 296-316
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 296-313

Latest volume 4 (chapters 25-34) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 35-67
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 35-61

Latest volume 13 (chapters 129-132) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 133-148
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 133-146

~ New chapters every month ~
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Latest volume 11 (chapters 49-53) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 54-58
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 54-56

Latest volume Volume 1 forthcoming Chapters now on Crunchyroll 1-15
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 1-13

Latest volume 24 (chapters 95-98) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 99-105
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 99-103

Latest volume 10 (chapters 48-52) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 53-60

Latest volume 3 (chapters 12-17) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 18-24

Latest volume Volume 1 forthcoming Chapters now on Crunchyroll 1-24
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 1-22

Latest volume 9 (chapters 34-37) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 38-44
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 38-42

Latest volume 8 (chapters 47-52) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 53-59
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 53-57

Latest volume 2 (chapters 7-11) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 12-21
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 12-19

Latest volume 10 (chapters 45-49) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 50-54
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 50-52

Latest volume 2 (chapters 8-14) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 15-26
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 15-24

Latest volume 3 (chapters 17-24) Chapters now on Crunchyroll 25-40
Chapters now on comiXology Unlimited 25-39

April 2, 2018 update: Crunchyroll has just announced they’ve added the hit manga Devils’ Line to their simulpub lineup! Subscribers to Crunchyroll can now read the latest chapters of Ryo Hanada’s urban-vampire thriller at the same time they’re published in Japan. Devils’ Line has new chapters coming out once a month: Chapter 59 is scheduled to appear the same day it appears in Japan on April 21.

March 1, 2018 update: We’ve just announced that we’ve added 8 new manga series to Crunchyroll Manga, bringing your favorite manga publisher’s total manga on the streaming service to 18. Subscribers to Crunchyroll can now read the latest chapters at the same time they’re published in Japan from even more Kodansha Comics manga series than ever before!  

Media: download the PDF of the full press release here.