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Digital Sports Manga Sale + 2 new digital-first series: All Out!! and Shojo Fight

Fall: a good time to get into new sports ... and sports manga! Now undergoing a full-blown renaissance—thanks to the increasing popularity of sports anime like Ace of the Diamond and even Welcome to the Ballroom (yes! Ballroom dancing is a competitive sport!)—this underrated genre has been bulking up Kodansha Comics's digital-first list. This week's Sports Manga Sale makes it easy to try something new!  

— New Digital-First Series!  [...]

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The digital return of Rave Master! More than 40% off preorders through October 3

It happens. Sometimes printed manga titles become no longer available: they go “out of print.” And as part of our massive digital-first lineup expansion, we’ve been bringing a lot of those titles back—as digital “rescues” so they can be discovered by new generations of manga fans.

Whether it was Tsutomu Nihei's cyberpunk trendsetter NOiSE or Tomoko Ninomiya's all-time classical-music tearjerker Nodame Cantabile or Kouji Seo's Fuuka predecessor Suzuka, we haven't just been [...]

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Kodansha Comics at New York Comic Con: events, exclusives, free stuff!

No question: Hiro Mashima is the anime/manga headliner at New York Comic Con this year. But celebrating the finale of Fairy Tailone of the great manga epics, isn't all Kodansha Comics is about—we've got a lot else going on too!

Come see us at Booth #2109 at Javits Convention Center in NYC October 5-8, and one of us will give you the NYCC lowdown! But if you want a quick preview and/or you can't be there but are dyin' to know what's happening anyway … here's your cheatsheet:

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Summer Anime Season Finale Sale—digital manga volumes up to 50% off!

What anime have you been watching this summer? Did you know some of the biggest fan faves from the summer anime season are based on Kodansha Comics? That means, while the anime left you hanging in the season finale, you can pick up and continue the story—in manga! 

This week's Summer Anime Season Finale Sale features those most recently anime-ated series and puts them on 50% discount at all of our digital retail channels: BookWalkerRead More »

Your Guide to Hiro Mashima events in NYC, October 5-8


With Fairy Tail, one of North America's (and the world's!) all-time best-selling manga, nearing the end of its historic run, it's the perfect time to celebrate and reflect on Hiro Mashima’s accomplishments with the man himself and all his fans in New York City October 5 through 8! Back in July we announced Mashima-sensei was going to be a Guest of Ho [...]

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Cosplayers: Enter the Kodansha Comics #ComplexAgeContest!

Cosplayers: tell us how cosplay changed your life for a chance to win a set of Complex Age manga!

As Nagisa and her friends have taught us in Complex Age, you’re never too old to cosplay—but it isn’t always easy to keep that in mind. Still, in moments of self-doubt, a strong community of cosplayers does wonders to bring and bond people together, creating lifelong friendships—and we want to know how cosplay has changed you. 

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My Waifu Sale + 2 new digita-first series: Magical Sempai and Grand Blue Dreaming

Who's your dream manga girl? Yeah, yeah, kinda hard to pick a favorite from all those intriguing Kodansha Comics leads—and so many with more than meets the eye! A classic dillemma for the dedicated manga reader. 

That's okay, tho, cuz this week only, we have on sale 21 series featuring your "waifu" (or your future waifu) up to 50% off at all of our digital retail partnersBookWalkerRead More »