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Miki Yoshikawa interview on Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches


Interview by Deb Aoki and Misaki C. Kido

Miki Yoshikawa has exceptional talent. Not only because she’s a female mangaka who’s succeeded in shonen manga, but because her approach to manga is so genuine. If you ever get lucky enough to meet her, you’ll quickly realize what makes her a such a unique person is also what makes the characters in her manga so much like real people. 

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Vertical Comics Digital Editions on Sale until Feb 5


As we announced last December, we're thrilled now to be working with the wild bunch at Vertical Comics, releasing new Digital Editions from the Vertical catalog. Now we invite you to get into some of these mind-blowing series with a special sale on digital-edition Volume 1s starting from 99-cents. It's going on at every one of our digital retail partners: comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook

What’s on Sale Now (January 22-February 5):

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Introduction to Manga for Librarians

As we announced last December, Kodansha Comics' entire digital book list is now available to libraries through OverDrive, the world's largest network of digital libraries.

If you are an avid manga reader and/or library user, this is especially a great news. Now you don't have to wait for the physical copy to arrive at the library. Next time a copy of manga you want to read is checked out or unavailable at the library, see if the digital copies are available via OverDrive. (If not, ask your librarians about it!)

If you are a librarian, thank you for your constant effort to encourage library users, particularly teens, to read manga. We’d imagine that you are already more knowledgeable about manga than most because of your day-to-day interaction with the library users. But just in case you want to know about our manga in a nutshell, we’ve put together an Read More »

Go on Manga Vacation! Digital Volume 1s for 99-cents until January 21


What's new for 2016? This winter, we're holding a blowout 99-cent sale on Volume 1s of selected Digital Editions. It's going on at every one of our digital retail partners: comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. Now—whether you're goin' on an exotic trip or an exotic staycation—you can be on a manga vacation! 

What’s on Sale Now (January 8-21):

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