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The Seven Deadly Sins Character Profiles Part 1

So just who are The Seven Deadly Sins? Other than the fact that they are the most wanted criminals in the world, very little has been known about them ... until now. Here's Part 1 in our series of full profiles of the main characters of The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki


A.K.A: The Dragon Sin of Wrath

The Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins

The captain of the legendary knighthood “The Seven D [...]

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Watch Nakaba Suzuki draw The Seven Deadly Sins [video]

In the premiere of this Kodansha Comics video, Nakaba Suzuki draws the character Ban for an actual page from The Seven Deadly Sins chapter 146 (published in Weekly Shonen Magazine #47, October 21, 2015). (Video footage taken by Nakaba Suzuki's editor.)


For more coverage of The Seven Deadly Sins manga, including an interview with Nakaba Suzuki, go here:

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Nakaba Suzuki interview on The Seven Deadly Sins

Interview by Misaki C. Kido

Nakaba Suzuki is no novice mangaka (manga artist), having made his debut in 1994, but he keeps his story and characters fresh in his latest—the kinetic medieval-fantasy actioner The Seven Deadly Sins. His worldview has grown too—it's now evolved into a full-blown animated series, soon to be unveiled to Western audiences for the first time on Netflix on November 1. Before you settle down to watch the anime though, here's seven questions about The Seven Deadly Sins posed to their original creator.

About Nakaba Suzuki

Born in Fukushima, Japan on Feburary 8, 1977, Nakaba Suzuki debuted as a mangaka in 1994 in Weekly Shonen Jump Special ‘95 Spring Spe [...]

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All about The Seven Deadly Sins manga: interview, artist video, character profiles, and more


Yes, the anime based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga makes its debut November 1 as a Netflix Original series: catch the trailer and announcement here. And over the next several weeks at Kodansha Comics, we'll have running, exclusive coverage of the manga series that started it all, including:

The first in the Kodansha Comics Interviews series: this time of course with the brilliantly talented artist and creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, Nakaba Suzuki:


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Yamada-kun manga app update: interview with Miki Yoshikawa


Just in time for Halloween, we've made some updates on the Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Manga App for iOS. In addition to adding Volumes 3 and 4, you can also now read the complete interview with artist Miki Yoshikawa!

Preview: Interview with Miki Yoshikawa

Miki Yoshikawa has exceptional talent. Not only because she’s one of the few female mangaka (manga artists) who’ve succeeded in shonen (boys’) manga, but because her approach to manga is so genuine. If you ever get lucky enough to [...]

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