Sailor Moon Short Stories 1 Extra Translation Notes

Sometimes we end up with more translation notes than we have space for in the book! Here are the extra translation notes from Sailor Moon Short Stories 1, available 9/10/2013.

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Sailor Moon 9 & Fairy Tail 23

We’ve got two great new books out this week: Sailor Moon 9 and Fairy Tail 23! This volume of Sailor Moon continues the Dead Moon Circus arc, in which the Amazoness Quartet tempts each of the guardians in turn with dreams of a sweeter life. The guardians will have to resist and find a way […]

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Sailor Moon 8’s here, box is on the way!

I’m finally back in the office after three days of being shut up in my apartment. We experienced no damage or power outages, but our thoughts are with all the people here in New York and across the East Coast who were less lucky. The transit system here is still in chaos (the only reason […]

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