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Creator Spotlight: Yoshitoki Oima (A Silent Voice)


A Silent Voice is this year’s Eisner Award nominee from Kodansha Comics. It’s the story of boy meets girl … except its main focus is on how difficult it is for one person to communicate with another, especially if that other person can’t hear you. A Silent Voice came to its conclusion with the release […]

Interview: Yoshitoki Oima on A Silent Voice

oima interview small

Interview by Misaki C. Kido Yoshitoki Oima was only eighteen years old when she first started work on A Silent Voice. Most would-be mangaka aspire to going pro around that age, but what made Oima special was that she had a full story already in mind and the determination to tell it to the world. […]

This app is being retired soon!

• In order to continue to access purchases you've made on this app, make sure you've created a login account—if you haven't already. • Go to "Settings" and then "Sign in" to create a login. • Once you have a login, you can continue to access your purchases through the Madefire app. • Questions? Contact us at […]

Kosuke Fujishima’s new series Toppu GP starts NOW—Chapters 1 and 2 on Kindle and comiXology


It's morning in the Land of the Rising Sun. Manga fans across Japan are at their local convenience store picking up the just released issue of Afternoon, where they will find Chapters 1 and 2 of Toppu GP, a brand-new series by legendary Oh My Goddess! and Paradise Residence creator Kosuke Fujishima! … … and you, everywhere outside of Japan, can […]

Yes, there’s manga on comiXology Unlimited


Quite a bit, in fact. In the big news of the day, comiXology announced the launch of comiXology Unlimited, a brand-new "Netflix for comics" subscription service. And yes, Kodansha Comics joins a host of distinguished comics publishers, along with fellow manga publisher Dark Horse, to be part of this historic launch. See below for the current list of available […]

Anime Central: New Licensing Announcements!


a Last Saturday (May 21, 2016, to be exact) at Anime Central in Chicago Kodansha Comics announced new licenses—  Coming Fall 2016! The Attack on Titan Anime Guidebook (title not final) is a must have for any fan of the show! This companion includes over 170 pages of actor interviews, concept designs, and more info never before seen in […]

Naoshi Arakawa’s new series starts now—Chapter 1 on Kindle and comiXology


It's morning in the Land of the Rising Sun. Manga fans across Japan are at their local convenience store picking up the just released issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine, where they will find the 70-page Chapter 1 of Farewell, My Dear Cramer (Sayonara Watashi no Cramer), the new series by Your Lie in April creator Naoshi Arakawa … … and you, everywhere outside of Japan, […]

Get a free Attack on Titan Anthology sampler in the mail!

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  Hey, didja miss Free Comic Book Day on May 8—and with it your chance to get a sample of the Attack on Titan Anthology? Never fear! Kodansha Comics is giving away copies of our acclaimed Free Comic Book Day book to the first 300 people to fill out our survey! Get a Free Attack […]

Humble Manga Bundle: name your price to support charity—BUNDLE ENDS MAY 18


Update: ONLY TWO MORE DAYS for the first-ever Humble Manga Bundle! Kodansha Comics has teamed up with our good pals at Humble Bundle, the phenomenal pay-what-you-want digital book bundler, on the first volumes of 10 digital manga series. THIS SPECIAL BUNDLE ENDS WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 10:59 A.M. PACIFIC TIME. While manga has appeared in previous Humble Bundle book bundles, this […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Attack on Titan Chapter 81 is out TODAY

AoT 81 4x3

It's Mother's Day! … which also means Chapter 81, the newest chapter of ​Attack on Titan, comes out in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in Japan— —and it's also available TODAY to everyone outside Japan only on Kindle and comiXology and to subscribers of Crunchyroll!