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“Road to 20”: Attack on Titan all digital volumes on sale!

Hey, Volume 20 of Attack on Titan comes out in December, but before then, here's your chance to get all caught up: Right now all volumes of Attack on Titan (that's volume 1 through 19!) are on sale for just $5.99 at all digital bookstores—comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and nook. In addition, all digital chapters of Attack on Titan (through Chapter […]

Princess Jellyfish named one of “50 Best Books for Teens” by NY Public Library

UPDATE (November 28): Princess of 2016! More kudos from the worlds of officialdom for Akiko Higashimura's rollicking saga of fangirls taking on Tokyo!  Princess Jellyfish has been named one of 2016's "50 BEST BOOKS FOR TEENS" by the New York Public Library. Explaining the pick, Chantelle Uzan, an NYPL librarian, called Princess Jellyfish a “great introduction to manga, and […]

Vote Vertical: digital editions on sale up to 25% through 11/22

click on the above image to go to comiXology's sale page We're making a host of Vertical Comics titles available for first time digitally: the list (below, with Chapter 1 previews at the links) includes Ryo Hanada's best-selling vampires-among-us epic Devils' Line, MAYBE's Civil War-monster-fantasy To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, and Riichi Ueshiba's drool-inducing romantic comedy Mysterious Girlfriend X.  The […]

Neo Parasyte f digital debut—part of our Halloween digital sale!

click on the image above to go to comiXology's up to 50% off sale page 'Tis the season for transformational bio-horror! The much-anticipated (dreaded?) anthology tribute to one of manga's all-time weird classics, Neo Parasyte f, is finally here—in digital (look for the print editions to hit bookstores by November 8). In an inspired twist, f features an […]

All about Attack on Titan Anthology

____________________ SALE UPDATE 10/21: Get the Attack on Titan Anthology digital edition at comiXology and get Attack on Titan volume 1 free ____________________ It's finally here—the manga megahit Attack on Titan, reinterpreted by some of comics' top talent! Get the digital or luxurious hardcover print edition of the Attack on Titan Anthology.  And/or go to the links below to order […]

The Attack on Titan Manga app

It's coming soon. Chapters updated the same day they come out in Japan. News feed all about the Attack on Titan manga and anime—including the lead-up to Season 2. All volumes of the main series—and all spinoff series—in one app. And some shocking surprises. Sign up for the Kodansha Comics newsletter and we'll let you know when it happens!

The first official Manga to Anime Sale—digital editions up to 50% off!

  The Fall Anime Season is here! To celebrate all you anime-watchers and manga-readers out there, we're holding the Kodansha Comics Manga to Anime Sale, where we put on sale every manga volume that's been adapted into a recent or new anime series!  Look for volumes from these recently anime-ated series to be marked up to 50% off at our digital retail partners—comiXology, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, […]

What’s Happening at New York Comic Con 2016?

October 6 update: check out our new license announcements for 2017! In New York October 6 through 9? Look for the Kodansha Comics and Vertical booths and events at New York Comic Con! Kodansha Comics Booth #2109  NYCC will be the first place many will get a glimpse of the highly anticipated Attack on Titan Anthology. We'll be selling NYCC-exclusive items, like […]

NYCC 2016 Recap: New License Announcements

Wanna know what Kodansha Comics has been announcing at New York Comic Con 2016?!? Here's the recap of our license announcements and summaries of our panels, in case you weren't there! Thursday October 6 • Kodansha Comics Manga Panel The editorial staff from Kodansha USA Publishing just announced a bevy of new licenses, to be published in 2017! Plus […]

Series debuts 9/27: Welcome to the Ballroom, Happiness, The Prince in His Dark Days

It's a special new-release Tuesday, as we've got 3 new series that break the mold making their debuts today (September 27)! Read the entire first chapter of these new series at the links. Welcome to the Ballroom by Tomo Takeuchi Feckless high school student Tatara Fujita wants to be good at something—anything. Unfortunately, he’s about as average as […]