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Get all of Parasyte—43% off at comiXology!

It's National Parasyte Day (not really)! And now you can get the whole series (that's 8 digital volumes!) of Hitoshi Iwaaki's deranged surreal-horror alien-infestation masterpiece for a very reasonable price (43% off) from our good buds at comiXology! Promotion runs through Thursday, March 29. Don't believe how good this series is? Take a bite (all of Chapter […]

Fall ’16 License Announcement Roundup

Hey, what new manga has Kodansha Comics got lined up for the Fall season? Well, we've got a slew of new titles coming out. Here's the record of 12 new print titles that we announced hourly on March 22 and 24, going in reverse chronological order: Thursday, March 24 10pm (Eastern Time): Neo Parasyte f With the anime coming to […]

March 15 New Releases: Paradise Residence, Forget Me Not, Livingstone + more

New manga this week—including a couple of brand-new series kick-offs! Let's take a look at what's new to both brick+mortar and digital bookshelves … Paradise Residence is a new manga from the creator of Oh My Goddess! and You’re Under Arrest, Kosuke Fujishima. It follows Hatsune Takanashi—a clumsy schoolgirl who attends the Kitsuka Boarding School—and her trials […]

Creator Spotlight: Chuya Koyama (Space Brothers)

Manga doesn't only take place in worlds of fantasy. Instead, manga can take you to worlds that seem rather familiar to us, or worlds we know exist in real life but rarely get a chance to experience ourselves. Have you ever wanted to go to space one day? Or was that a dream you had and forgot long ago? Space Brothers will take you to […]

New Digital Editions from Vertical Comics in March

As announced in December, we're now working with the estimable gang at Vertical Comics to release new Digital Editions of their books, starting with Ajin: Demi-Human, Chi's Sweet Home, The Drops of God, The Flowers of Evil, Knights of Sidonia, and Witchcraft Works. Now, starting March 9, we're making 3 more titles from Vertical's list available as Digital Editions—now on sale at retail […]

Watch Chuya Koyama Draw Characters from Space Brothers

As a part of the Chuya Koyama Creator Spotlight, here's a rare video of Koyama-sensei drawing Mutta and Apo from Space Brothers.(from Kodansha Comics' YouTube series, These Hands Make Manga). Click here to watch the video.  WIN THIS AUTOGRAPH! But that's not all. You can actually win the autographed sketch Koyama-sensei draws in this video. All you have to do is take this quick […]

The Martian x Space Brothers: Watch Chuya Koyama Draw His Version of the Movie Poster

Speaking of space, have you seen that movie The Martian (2015)? When the movie was released in Japan, Chuya Koyama, the creator of Space Brothers, drew his own take of The Martian movie poster. It was displayed in theaters throughout Japan as a special collaboration. Watch the video on Chuya Koyama’s YouTube page. And behold! […]

Creator Interview: Chuya Koyama on Space Brothers

Once you get to know some mangaka (manga artists), it seems every one bears some resemblance to their own manga. Same for Chuya Koyama, the creator of Space Brothers. Not that he has a big afro or a spiky hair like his main characters, but they all share a familiar human power—a determination to penetrate […]